Tax & Compliance

Tax has been a constant in life for more than 200 years…so you need constancy from your accountancy practice.

And you need confidence in your accountancy practice.

Which is why for more than 25 years local and international clients have consistently turned to Abaris chartered accountants of Jersey to demystify and manage their tax issues.

From our Jersey headquarters we offer local and international clients an unrivalled taxation and compliance service.

Our expert team are constantly monitoring the personal and corporate taxation landscape and keeping pace with the speed of change in regulatory matters.

They also believe in looking at the whole picture of their clients’ financial and business affairs – be they individuals, sole traders or multinationals – to ensure the advice and solutions they provide are tailored expressly to the client and deliver long-term value.

Our tax and compliance services include:

  • Preparation of annual tax returns for Jersey resident individuals (including sole traders);
  • Preparation of annual tax returns for Jersey companies including the preparation of tax computations;
  • Acting as tax agent for Jersey resident individuals and companies, liaising with Revenue Jersey to agree the return, dealing with any appeals and monitoring tax payments on account;
  • Assistance with preparation of GST, ITIS and Social Security returns;
  • Preparation and submission of UK Non-Resident Landlord (“NRL”) returns;
  • Preparation and submission of UK VAT returns;
  • Completion of manpower returns.

We know it’s been said many times before, but tax needn’t be taxing.

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